Top 10 Best Picture Spots in Central Park

By | August 24, 2020

We’ve seen the best spots in New York City. Now let’s get more specific. Let’s check which are the best picture spots in Central Park. The park is a thing of beauty and provides the best way to get closer to nature in the entire NYC.

Gapstow Bridge

The bridge is located at 62nd Street in Central Park. Gapstow Bridge is where Kevin meets the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2. It is not a popular place only because of the movie scene, but also because it offers a beautiful skyline view of New York City. The waters of the pond reflect the city’s skyscrapers and the trees around so the place looks magical especially during the autumn.

Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge is the first cast-iron bridge in the park and the second in America. It was built in  1862. The place is very popular and it is considered as one of the most romantic places in the city. It is always crowded with people, so if you want to take a picture of yourself alone there, you will be disappointed. The bridge is located on 74th Street.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

These two attractions can be seen on the southern shore of the Lake in Central Park. The architecture is fascinating. The statue in the middle of the fountain is called the Angel of Waters. The name Bethesda comes from the New Testament where Bethesda is a pool with healing waters. The place is made in roman style. It is a perfect place for a photo session.

The Pond

NEW YORK CITY – OCTOBER 2015: Tourists in Central Park enjoy foliage season. The city attracts 50 million people annually.

There is a pathway alongside the Pond which will lead you to Gapstow Bridge. You can choose to shoot the waters with the skyline of the city above or just to take a photo of the lake and the trees around it. It is a calm place preferred by people who just need to relax from the city noises.

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink is located in the southern part of Central Park. It is a famous ice skating rink which also appears in the movie Home Alone 2. Of course, it is a seasonal option for photos and you can take a picture of yourself ice skating only during the winter. In the summer at the place of the rink, there is an amusement park. Wollman Rink offers a spectacular view of the city skyline. 

The Aviary Bar

The Aviary Bar is not located in Central Park but it offers a breathtaking view. It is a fancy bar in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. If you decide to visit it for a drink, you will be able to observe a big part of the park from above. 

Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle was built in 1872 and today it still exists. It is open to visitors. The entrance is free. Tourists can enter the castle and enjoy the view from its observation deck. But there is no need to go inside the castle because its facade is more fascinating. There is a spot across the lake where you can sit and observe the castle and its reflection in the water. If you decide to pose for a picture there, better do it at sunset. 

Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir

The Reservoir was built in 1862 with the purpose to provide clean water for the city. Today it is one of the best places to enjoy a panorama look of the city skyline. It is a quiet place but located far from the central part of the park. That is why it is not amongst the most visited attractions. If you have time, you should go there. The view is spectacular. 

The Ramble

The Ramble is located Mid-Park at 73rd-79th Streets. It is the “wild garden” of Central Park because of its many wooden bridges and twisting paths. It is never crowded so many kinds of birds inhabit it. The Ramble is not the typical place for taking a photo because you will not see any traces of the city there, but still, it is green and beautiful. 

The Cherry Hill

The Cherry Hill is located at 72nd Street and it has its name because of the cherry blossom trees that bloom there. The place is really beautiful in the spring when the trees are covered in pink and white blossoms. The Cherry Hill is also famous for the fountain constructed there. The spot is charming and it deserves to be part of your photography tour.

Judging by the best picture spots in Central Park – New York City is a picturesque, beautiful, and diverse place. Central Park is the place for those who love to be outdoors – practicing sports or relaxing. Times Square, Theater District, and Broadway provide a flashier outlook on the things, but also some entertainment for the soul.

Central Park is not just its best picture spots. It also provides some great places for sports. And NYC is a city of art!

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