Upcoming Exhibition

‘Tibet’s Secret Temple: Body, Mind, and Meditation in Tantric Buddhism’

Wellcome Collection, London, U.K., November 19, 2015 – February 28, 2016

Ian served as curator for Wellcome Collection’s’ Tibet’s’Secret Temple’ exhibition which uncovers the mysteries of Tantric Buddhism and the rich history of its yogic and meditation practices. Taking inspiration from a series of intricate murals that adorn the walls of the Lukhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, the exhibition showcases over 120 outstanding objects from collections around the world that illuminate the secrets of the temple, once used exclusively by Tibet’s Dalai Lamas as a private sanctuary for meditation and spiritual practice.

In addition to curating the exhibition, Ian contributed photography and film footage as well as original and commissioned artifacts. Ian stated in the press release for the exhibition that: “This exhibition represents the first time that objects connected to secret Tantric Buddhist practices have been displayed openly to the public. The exhibition highlight the relevance of’these practices in today’s global society and their ongoing contribution to a deeper understanding of the possibilities and potential of human existence.

Visit Wellcome Collection’s overview of the exhibition here