Ready for Winter? Ice Skating in Central Park!

By | November 12, 2020

Since the opening of Central Park, there has been a long tradition of skating on the lake and ponds, which have been open to skaters since the late 1850s. In fact, ice skating is so popular that it is even enjoyed by ghosts, according to the New York Times. Traditional cycling, boating, and inline skating have given way to ice skating in Central Park!

Early skating

Although the artificial waters of Central Park are rarely frozen, they are perfect for skating due to their shallow depth and low water temperature.

When the weather is cold enough to make this possible, it can turn into a fantastic rink, but creating a real rink for skaters in Manhattan required a lot of work and a lot of money from the New York City government. Today, Central Park offers a variety of ice rinks, some of which are between two and four feet wide depending on the weather. Although skating is free, it is still a popular place due to its location in the heart of the city and the fact that it is free.     

Lasker Rink

The Lasker Pool is preferred by guests of the park who want to cool down and take a spin, but it is also popular with guests from all over the world.     

In 2021, the Lasker Railway will undergo a general refurbishment, which will put it back into operation for the first time in 20 years. Here you will find a new ice rink, a changing room and an ice hockey rink. There are two skates available, one reserved for high school hockey teams and one for adult skaters. After the opening this winter (in good weather around October) the Lasking Railway will be closed for a few months in summer.

The Wolman Rink

The Wolman Rink star starred in the film Serendipity and made a cameo at Radio City’s Christmas Gala. This is by far the largest and most popular of the three and will be open all year round – but only for a few months in summer.     

Wolman Rink is named after Kate Wolman, who donated $600,000 to the Rink’s foundation in 1949. Since it opened in 1950, it has been a long-standing winter icon in Central Park and one of New York’s most popular skating destinations. Wolmen Rinks offers a wide range of skating opportunities, from traditional skating to ice hockey and even a full-size ice rink.     

There is a snack bar where you can get hot cocoa and tea before your skating adventure. In summer, Wolman Rink becomes the Victorian Gardens theme park and is one of the most popular attractions in Central Park.

New York and Winter have a recurring love story in common: the city is the icon of Christmas pop, winter turns into a fairy tale landscape, and Central Park is no stranger to them. Green has given way to white, and green has given way to white in the form of ice skating in Central Park for the past few years. All this makes ice skating in Central Park a preferred entertainment for everyone!

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