Oldest Towns in the State of New York

By | November 6, 2020

Is your city old? How old is it? Maybe 100 or 150 years old? Above? Probably 200? Well, if it is 200 years old, then you certainly live in a pretty old place. But it is not the oldest around by far. Check these – the oldest towns in the state of New York.

Floral Park and New Hyde Park

These settlements share fifth place due to the fact that they have been founded in the same year – 1800. This makes them 220 years old today.

Floral Park is the bigger of the two. It has a population of a bit above 16.000 people. When the settlement was at the very edge of the great Hempstead Plains and was known as Plainfield, and later – East Hinsdale. The fast was initially farmland, but have grown in population when Long Island Rail Road Hempstead Branch and Jericho Turnpike cut through the area. After the Civil War, the place was home to several dozens 

New Hyde Park is the smaller of the two, with a population of a bit under 10.000 inhabitants. It was part of Thomas Dongan, the fourth royal governor of New York’s farm that was granted to him all the way back in 1683. He was forced to abandon it in 1691 when King James II failed to regain power in England.


Utica was established in 1798 at the site of English Old Fort Schuyler. It saw many battles during the French and Indian War, the North American front of the Seven Years’ War against France. Before that, it was occupied by several indigenous tribes. 

Today, Utica is a large town with more than 60.000 inhabitants and the county seat of Oneida County. It is situated 240 mi northwest of New York City.

Saratoga Springs

One of New Yorkers’ favorite escapes, Saratoga Springs was initially inhabited by the Mahican Indians, who were later pushed away by the Dutch and British settlers. The official year of the town’s establishment is 1776. 

Saratoga Springs is famous for the mineral hot springs. A real estate broker ranked it the 10th best place to live in the State of New York. Its slogan is “Health, History, and Horses.”


Named after Caleb Heathcote’s estate in Derbyshire, England, Scarsdale is the striking 317 old (being established in 1701). The first official town was founded in 1788 after the estate was broken up in 1774. 

Today, the city of Scarsdale is coextended by the village of the same name. It has a population of around 17.000. It is famous for one of the wealthiest New York suburbs.


 Yonkers! This is the oldest among the oldest cities in the state of New York. It was founded in 1646. This means that Yonkers is 374 years old, and is considerably older than Scarsdale and the rest of the list. 

The city was part of Colen Donck at first. It was purchased by Adriaen van der Donck in 1645. He was known as the Jonker (the “Young Gentleman” in Dutch), hence the name of the settlement in its English version. 

Today, Yonkers is a blooming city. It is the largest on our list with a population of more than 200.000. It is known as the City of the Seven Hills. 

Frankly, all these settlements look young when compared with St. Augustine, Florida. It is the oldest colonial settlement in North America predating even the US itself with its impressive 454 years of age. But these oldest towns in the State of New York are very old themselves! They combine rich history, entertainment, and modern-day industries all in one! 

Are those cities near a great natural landmark? Like the Niagara Falls?