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NYC Street Art

There are many art galleries and museums in New York. But it is not necessary art to be shown only in particular art institutions. Art could be found anywhere. So when you are in New York pay attention not only to what you see in museums but also to the streets you walk through. New… Read More »

Things to do in Central Park Zoo

The Central Park zoo is the center point of many tours, due to its numerous activities and things to do there. Fun, popular, and with a rich history, it offers a lot of things to do there.

Underrated things to do in New York

Looking for underrated things to do in New York City? From quirky and exciting attractions to relaxing tours in hidden street gardens, New York has lots to offer. For more cool things to do in New York City, and especially in Central Park – visit my pals from Central Park Tours. They have some amazing… Read More »

7 fashion lessons from New York

Did you know that New York is a leading fashion capital? And for a good reason. New York has its own style. Eager to explore some of the city’s key fashion lessons? Here’s how you dress in New York:

Quirky must-see attractions in New York

New York has so much to offer to the traveler. But let’s venture beyond the mainstream attractions and tourist tours and explore a list of unconventional things to do in the city. From Bushwick’s experimental performing arts to tasty international food, and Williamsburg’s hipster hype.

Best things to do and attractions to visit in New York

New York City is a dream for many travelers, seeking to explore its numerous attractions. There’s plenty of things to do in New York – from exploring the famous Central Park to admiring the brilliant work and artifacts on display at the Met and the American Museum of Natural History.Here are some of the best… Read More »