Bushwick – history of Brooklyn’s famous art neighborhood

By | September 10, 2020

Bushwick is a neighborhood with a very long history. It is located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. It was established in 1638 by the Dutch as an independent town during the Dutch colonization of the Americas. They named the town Boswijck. Back then, it meant “neighborhood in the woods” in Dutch.


Bushwick has a rich history. It has been populated with different nationalities over the years. Until the 19th century, the population had been mostly Dutch but then the area became a community of German immigrants. Since the late 20th century until nowadays, the population is predominantly Hispanic. 

When the town was founded in the 17th century its lands were used for farming food and tobacco. Later, there were built sugar, oil, and chemical factories. When the German immigrants inhabited the town in the 19th century, in Bushwick was established a brewery industry. The William Ulmer Brewery received landmark status in 2010, and today it is one of the main historical landmarks of the neighborhood.

In 2000 there was a rise in real estate prices in Manhattan which attracted young creative people to live in Bushwick, where the rents were affordable. This is how Bushwick became an art neighborhood. Many artists established galleries and art studios there. Today numerous art events are held in the neighborhood. 

Bushwick – the graffiti neighborhood

Bushwick streets are plentiful of street art paintings. There is the Bushwick Collective which is an open-air gallery for street art. It is located on 427 Troutman Street, Brooklyn. Bushwick Collective gathers remarkable artworks by famous national and international artists. The street gallery was established in 2012 by Joseph Ficalora, who wanted to freshen the industrial streets of Bushwick up with colorful murals and graffiti. The gallery turned the dangerous grim neighborhood into a tourist destination. 

What else to do in Bushwick?

Visit the BogArt

The BogArt is a former factory building where many art studios and galleries can be found. The exact location is 56 Bogart Street. The BogArt is considered to be the artistic center of Bushwick.

Shop at The Loom

The Loom is a building that houses 20 boutique shops, stores, and offices. It is a space where creative professionals sell their art products – handmade clothes and jewelry, vintage items, home décor. You can also find a cycle shop and a yoga studio.

The William Ulmer House

There are several preserved old buildings in Bushwick. In the late 19th century a part of the neighborhood was known as Brewers Row. William Ulmer was the owner of the Ulmer Brewery. His house was built in 1885 and today it can be seen on 670 Bushwick Avenue.

Bushwick and its rich history and culture provide an excellent field for photographers. Here’s where to take the best pictures in New York City, and to be more specific – in Central Park.

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