Bushwick Block Party – why is it such a big deal?

By | October 8, 2020

Bushwick is a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn, NYC. It was established as an industrial center by the Dutch during the 17th century. At the end of the 20th century, Bushwick had been a dangerous area with a high crime rate. Later it became a preferred neighborhood because of the low rents and the close to the center location. Today Bushwick is the art neighborhood of New York and is famous for the Bushwick block party. Many artists opened studios and galleries there. Moreover, the area has a rich event calendar, and it is where people can admire the art of the Bushwick Collective. 

Bushwick Block Party

The artworks of the Bushwick Collective are temporary. They stay for around a year before being replaced with new paintings. Most of the artworks are painted during the Bushwick Block Party. 

The Bushwick Block Party is an annual gathering of the group of the Bushwick Collective. More than 50 artists from all over the world come to revive the area with street art and graffiti. The streets of Bushwick will turn into a market for jewelry, prints, clothes, and pottery made by independent craftsmen. People can buy food and drinks from selected local food trucks. Besides, the visitors will enjoy live music the whole day. The culmination of the party is the concert in the evening when famous singers rock the stage. 

The Bushwick Block Party usually takes place in June. It is a free community event. However, people can purchase VIP access to the party. It provides a limited edition Bushwick Collective T-Shirt. Moreover, it allows visitors to use private restrooms, which means no waiting in lines. All who purchased a VIP ticket will receive gifts, unlimited beer and cider, front stage access, and backstage access. 

Who stands behind the Bushwick Collective?

The Bushwick Collective is a group of graffiti artists who fill the old streets of Bushwick with colors to beautify the neighborhood. The group includes artists from all over the world. The Bushwick Collective has turned the area in an open-air gallery where people can enjoy the best of the street art in New York City. 

The man who established the Bushwick Collective is Joseph Ficalora. He was born in Bushwick and lost both of his parents in tragic circumstances. To overcome the loss, Joe started to think of ways to make Bushwick a better living place. He founded the Bushwick Collective in 2012. 

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