Best things to do in the State of New York

By | September 16, 2020

The State of New York is situated in the northeastern part of the USA. It is the fourth largest one in population and the 27th largest when it comes to territory. New York City aside, the state is full of amazing, and entertaining places to visit. Mesmerizing natural wonders, small(er) towns providing architectural masterpieces, beaches, islands, the state is just perfect for a field trip. We’ll start with the natural landmarks scattered around. Here are things to do in the State of New York. 

Letchworth State Park

Welcome to the Grand Canyon of the East! Letchworth State Park follows closely the Genesee River. It is home of more than a dozen waterfalls (the three major the Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls, and nearly 66 miles of trekking routes. 

The Park was first established by William Pryor Letchworth in 1858 who purchased land around the Genesee Gorge, and the Middle Waterfall in the mid to late 1850s.

The park provides excellent conditions for whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, biking, and even hot air ballooning. 

Catskill Mountains

Another amazing place for hiking, boating, zip-lining, and other outdoor activities. 

The Catskills played a vital role in the American conservation movement. Nearly 40% of the land is considered “forever wild”. It was first discovered and named by early Dutch settlers.

During the mid and late 20th century The Catskills have become popular tourist destinations for New Yorkers, and people from the state due to being an all-season destination for hiking, cycling, and skiing. 

Fire Island

This place is on fire! Fire Island is situated at just 60 miles off the coast of Manhattan. Its close proximity and the fact that it is a place free of cars make it a perfect destination for guests and natives to New York. 

Fire Island is 32-miles long and fields three communities – Ocean Beach, Cherry Grove, and Fire Island Pines. The group of islands was firstly settled by Native Americans, and the name Fire Island is firstly mentioned in 1789.

The island is perfect for bird watching, camping, surfing, sunbathing, and all cool things that you can do on the ocean shore.

The Finger Lakes

The eleven lakes known as The Fingers are a great retreat from all the noise of New York City. It is so popular due to its calm and relaxing scenery, the wine yards, and the opportunities of biking and hiking. The Fingers are considered one of the most popular destinations in fall, due to its picturesque nature. 

In the 19th century, the area of the lakes was considered burned-over district and was part of the Second Great Awakening, and the revival of Christianity. 

Thousand Islands

Yes, they are thousands. And to be more precise – 1,864. The whole archipelago stretches between the US and Canada and covers an area of around 50 miles. 

The best way to visit this natural masterpiece is on a boat trip. It goes by mansions, castles, and lighthouses that give the Thousand Islands the charm that places with a mix of architecture and nature have. The on-shore activities include (but are not limited) to Wellesley Island State Park.

Those are some of the best things to do in the State of New York. Some of them are, however, missing. In such a list you’d expect to see the likes of the Niagara Falls, the Adirondacks, or Long Island. They are not forgotten, but I believe that such grand wonders of nature deserve grand articles of their own! They provide an excellent alternative to get a step closer to nature after Central Park (which remains the best alternative if you don’t have the time).

Picture locations? New York or Central Park? See them here! The last days of fall are perfect for sports!

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