Best Resorts for Skiing in the Adirondacks

By | November 9, 2020

The Adirondack Park offers some of the best ski resorts in the USA. They have a wide range of ski and snowboard options. These include family-run businesses such as Oak Mountain, which is ideal for children, and Whiteface Mountain, which has the worst snowfall of any ski resort on the East Coast. As alpine skiing can be expensive, especially for beginners who need to rent equipment, it is best to search the websites of your ski resort for discounts. These centers often offer lower ticket prices during the season or on certain winter days. Here are the best resorts for skiing in the Adirondacks

 Whiteface Mountain   

Probably the most popular amongst the best resorts for skiing in the Adirondacks. The state-run facility has the highest snowfall in Adirondack Park, as well as some of the best skiing and snowboarding. The mountains also offer a wide terrain, such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, and hiking. 

With a total area of 288 hectares, there are trails for everyone, but Gore has the highest snowfall of any ski resort in Adirondack Park, as well as some of the best ski and snowboard trails. While advanced skiers can do anything on the Black Diamonds, young children can go to the Kids Campus and play on a variety of trails, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. 

Gore Mountain

Gore is located on Whiteface Mountain in a remote part of the Adirondacks, so expect a full winter experience in the northern woods. There are even six restaurants on the mountain if you need to take a break for dinner. Titus Mountain near Malone is located just a few miles from the Blue Line, which forms the border with Adirondack Park. The 2025-foot mountain is known for its family orientation, aimed at beginners and advanced skiers. 

Titus Mountain

The mountain offers discounted tickets to the Adirondack Park ski area as well as a variety of special events. In the area, there are three different ski resorts, all with different levels of skiing experience, and all offer discounts. 

For those who want to learn skiing or small children who learn the rope, the mountain is a good choice. There is also night skiing, and it is one of the best ski areas in Adirondack Park for night skiers and snowboarders. 

Oak Mountain

The price of the mountain is affordable at $38 per ticket, compared to the $80 that the larger resorts charge. This 2,200-foot mountain is the highest elevation of all ski resorts in Adirondack Park and the second highest in New York State. The small mountain behaves very well in terms of weather, with a high snowfall rate of 1,000 feet per day. 

McCauley Mountain

Hickory Hill in Warrenburg is popular with backcountry skiers because it relies exclusively on natural snow. It’s a very affordable mountain, and on weekdays it costs $38 per ticket for a two-day pass or $35 per day for a full-day pass. 

It has snow facilities and lots of charm, but the mountain has its share of problems, such as a lack of parking and a few parking problems. 

Big Tupper

The mountain is waiting for the Adirondack Club Resort project to get underway to redevelop the ski resort. Locals, passionate about their town and skiing, have invested countless hours of volunteer work to reopen the mountain after several years of closure. Big Tupper is located on Tuppers Lake and is a snow-covered resort, but only open on weekends when the weather allows. 

The ski resort behaves like any other in Adirondack Park, with lots of snow, good food, and a great atmosphere. 

Do you need a Christmas escape from New York City? These skiing resorts in the Adirondacks provide excellent opportunities for skiers of all ages and levels to practice their favorite sport! 

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