7 fashion lessons from New York

By | May 30, 2020

Did you know that New York is a leading fashion capital? And for a good reason. New York has its own style. Eager to explore some of the city’s key fashion lessons? Here’s how you dress in New York:

Bring a pair of comfortable shoes

Commuter shoe
Carry some of these with you

Life in New York is hectic – commuting to work, work, happy hour…It’s impossible to go through all this on high heels. Follow the local fashion tips and carry with you a pair of commuter shoes. You can always change them in the office.

Don’t afraid to be unique

A girl with unique style
A girl with her unique style

In New York, you can dress the way you like – nobody will judge you. The Big Apple’s busy streets encourage your personal and unique fashion style.

Concerned you might look silly or different? Let go of the pressure and focus on what you like. New York is a fashion capital but also a city, where you have the freedom to have your own fashion style.

Fashionable sunglasses

A couple of girls with sunglasses

Looking for a great addition to your fashionable New York-style outfit? Sunglasses are a must for every fashion enthusiast. They are a great accessory, which will also protect your eyes from the blistering sun on the way to the subway or at the awesome rooftop party you’ve been invited to.

Trendy bag

Girls with backpacks
Backpacks! just throw in everything you need inside!

In New York, you’re usually out the whole day, so you need a fashionable day bag or a chic backpack to take with you. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, you can carry your essentials and stay stylish. Opt for a neutral color, which matches with most of your outfits like black or beige.

Manicures matter

Yes, it does!

Ever wondered why there are manicure salons on every corner in New York? Because having beautiful manicures matters in the city. Fashionable from head to toe. Why not?

Dance all night in your sneakers

Female sneakers
Comfortable and cool!

Going to the club in sneakers? New York-based fashion experts will approve. Sneakers are comfortable and fashionable too – there are plenty of brands, which will help you impress the others in the club.

Sample sales in New York

Sample sale NYC
Cheap is twice the price!

Sample Sales are a thing in New York. Being a fashion capital, the city is full of designers, who create, manufacture, and sell fashionable clothing. Sample sales are popular in New York and a good way to find affordable shopping deals. How does it work? Design houses rent venues in Manhattan to liquidate their samples, overruns, or flawed pieces at a huge discount. Sounds good? Give it a try.

Follow these seven fashion lessons coming from New York and stay stylish in the city that never sleeps.

Broadway Shows dress code

Casual elegant couple
Casual elegant – the easiest one to pull!

If you are going to a Broadway show, one natural question for outsiders is what should I wear. Broadway is not the Bolshoi or the Opera and you can dress more casually. But please don’t wear flip flops and shorts. You are going to an event after all.

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